I am kalashtar, born of two worlds. Over a thousand years ago, my ancestor bound her bloodline to the spirit Kashtai, and I am a child of that union. Kashtai moves within me. Her memories come to me in dreams, and at times her voice whispers in the silence of my mind. As long as at least one of my sisters is alive, Kashtai will survive —and as long as she lives, she will fight il-Lashtavar.

— Lakashtai, servant of the light



At an early age Kortana discovered she wasn’t like the other children in the area. She was “gifted” with telepathic abilities, and when she dreamt, they really weren’t dream like, but more like memories from a Quori spirit. She never really understood what it meant at first but as she got older and studied as a sage she learned of her true identity. Through her studies Kora learned that there was other planes, planets, realms and the alike. That is when she realized she was not of this world, but of another.

Koratana was born in Sarlona to Kalashtar parents. When Kora, as she is known to her friends, was an infant her parents sent her through a portal to Faerun. Why one might ask? That is a question that no one really knew the answer to but her parents. One day Kora will get the answers she seeks, but not soon enough in her mind.

High Elf Cleric – Leoric

Kora was raised by the High Elf Cleric, Leoric, of the Pelor temple in Baldur’s Gate. Kora is very reserved, tranquil and often thinks things through before acting. Like many of her kin she connected with people on an intellectual manner rather than emotional. Kora prefers to communicate telepathically with her peers, especially with Leoric, which makes her socially awkward to the extreme in most situations.